What is Funnel in SEO?

funnel in seo

In the marketing field first, we study about the journey of the customer from awareness to purchasing point. Like how a user shows interest in our website after searching for his need? How to attract him and make a sale of a product? And how to increase conversion rate.

Before going to what is a funnel in SEO we will have a quick glance at different types of funnels and how they are useful.

As we are in the Digital world and using the internet as our marketing platform to convert consumers into a complete conversion(make them purchase) then we should know what is marketing funnel, conversion funnel, and keyword funnel to convert any visitor to a buyer.

Marketing funnel:

A marketing funnel gives a picture of your customer’s journey with your website. By doing analysis a marketing funnel gives you a visualization of what your company must take action to influence the audience at particular stages. By analyzing your funnels, you can have greater sales, a strong feeling of support and great brand awareness.  

In this marketing funnel, we have three marketing funnel stages which give complete Idea and track of a customer from start to purchase. The three important marketing funnel stages are 

  1. Awareness
  2. Evaluation
  3. Conversion

Conversion Funnel:

A Conversion funnel is an idea that describes or gives a complete plan about visitors who are visiting your site and what is the behavior of them from starting to converting them to purchase.

Keyword funnel:

A keyword funnel is used to know how users are searching for our product using different keywords. It is a process where will track user-related keywords. For keyword funneling Google keyword planner is one of the free best SEO tools provided by Google which gives you similar search ideas.     

In the same way in Digital Marketing funnel we use all the different funnels to convert users into buyers. Let’s start with what is digital marketing funnel.

What is Digital marketing funnel?

In the Digital Marketing funnel system, we will make a plan to convert visitors into conversions. By implementing different actions necessary to take step by step. 

In this article, we will study what are the steps we have to take from the starting point that is aware of a site until conversion.

Make a successful plan to make your website users perform a complete action.

SEO Funnel

Here is an SEO funnel procedure that how to make a conversion. 

seo funnel

Step 1 


At this stage, we catch the potential customers. At this point, the customer is searching for a product to buy. Make the user know more about your website and products at first glance. 

At this starting stage, a customer will search for a query. Make sure to cover all your product-related keywords in your content. 

For example, if a customer query is like “cheap and best running shoes in India”


Then you should cover all the keywords related to shoes in all angles like it’s 


Men, women, Kids

Starting rate 


And more information has to be provided on shoes by doing deep research on it.

Cover all LSI keywords related to your products

LSI Keywords

Make him realize that your website is the exact solution for what he is searching for. 

Provide relevant information about your website. 

What the purpose of the website? 

How it is helpful for the users who are in need?

Give as much information about what you are and what products you have?

For keywords use Google Keyword planner for more ideas, which is one of the best keyword tools for more keyword ideas.     

Optimize your site for users at the point of awareness stage involves uncovering long-tailed phrases that lack the search volume needed to visible in the keyword planner. 

Step 2


Customer after moving from awareness stage to the next stage that is the evaluation stage which is the main stage where customer thinking about purchasing the product. 

At this stage, the customer thinking about the brand, different styles, cost, offers, new arrivals for purchase. It is a very important stage that customer is going to buy your products.

At this point, you need to provide all kinds of information about your product. Add valuable and readable content relevant to your product. Always provide quality content where user satisfies. Use infographics, long-tailed keyword phrases, checklists in your content. 

Inform and educate your customers by giving all the information they need to take their own decision and buy.

Step 3


This is the stage where complete action is done by the user(i.e, buying behavior) by buying your products.

After completion of your sale don’t leave just by saying Thank you.

Always remember you have to make your conversions into loyal customers by providing  some informative questions like

How are our services?

How do you know our site through a friend, internet or TV advertisement? Like that.

Update your site content according to the customer’s usefulness. Give them more information which is very useful for them.

Make it easy for them to share your site links on social media sites. Make happy users become a fan of your website. Provide some best offers to know more about them and ask them to participate and win a good prize.

See how one of the popular site Moz designed a conversion funnel using different stages.

MOZ sales funnel

A Moz sales funnel is well explained with each stage and how to convert the audience into conversion.

If you want to try some paid tools then check this ClickFunnels SEO tool is an online sales funnel builder that supports businesses market, sales and deliver their products online. You can start your 14 days trial with this ClickFunnels SEO tool.

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