Pay Per Click Ads

Set your own budget and control costs with PPC

Involves advertisers paying a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

PPC Services in Hyderabad

When it comes to Ads, they are different types of Google Ads; based upon the goal, the ad should be selected.

✔ Search Ads
✔ Display Ads
✔ Video Ads
✔ App Promotion Ads and
✔ Shopping Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online Search Engine Marketing technique applied to search engines to drive relevant traffic to your website within a short period of time. Getting listed naturally on search engines takes time and that’s why Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising tool gains prominence. Also, we provide affordable Pay Per Click (PPC) services in Hyderabad and run with a professional team who are certified in Google ads. As per the client need, we negotiate our PPC service packages.

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What is Pay Per Click?
It is a platform for internet advertising where many ad types can be shown online. As the name suggests, the advertiser must pay the publisher for each click. Search advertisements are the most well-liked ads. We offer the best and most reliable PPC/SEM services in Hyderabad.
What are the advantages of Google Ads?
✔ Quick to launch ✔ Instant Results or Traffic ✔ Easy to track and measure conversions ✔ Budget Controlling ✔ ROI Assessment ✔ Traceable Advertising
Why is iConquerors my best choice?
Beyond achieving market-leading results, we also offer the best customer service. In order to ensure that we’re not only delivering excellent results in the short term, but also setting them up for long-term, scalable success, we pride ourselves on open, proactive communication and developing strong relationships with our clients. This is reflected in our client retention rate and 5-star client reviews.
Have you worked with a business like mine?
There’s a good chance that iConquerors has worked with a company like yours and produced excellent results because we’ve worked with many companies of different kinds and scales throughout a wide range of industries. We always have access to the information needed to produce excellent results thanks to our data-focused methods for leads and sales.
How does the iConquerors team work with my business?

iConquerors takes pride in building strong, transparent relationships with our clients. With live reporting available, regular phone calls and updates on campaign performance, we proactively communicate what the focus is from week to week; establishing open, two-way communication and trust in knowing the team will do whatever it takes to get the best possible results.

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