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The right way to attract the customers who are in NEED is PPC. Just, you need to pay for a click. As of team of experts, we provide the best PPC/ SEM services in India to generate leads.

What is PPC?

It is an online advertising platform where you can run different types of ads across the web. As the name itself indicates for each click the advertiser has to pay for the publisher. The most popular ads are search ads. As a team of experts, we provide best and trust-worthy PPC/ SEM services in Hyderabad.

PPC Services in Hyderabad

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online Search Engine Marketing technique applied to search engines to drive relevant traffic to your website within a short period of time. Getting naturally listed on search engines takes time and that’s why Pay Per Click (PPC) as an online advertising tool gains prominence. Also, we provide affordable PPC services in Hyderabad and run with a professional team who are certified in Google ads & Facebook Ads. As per the client requirment we negotiate our PPC service packages.

iconquerors is a best & premium PPC agency in Hyderabad. As you all know the most popular PPC search engines are Google Ads, Yahoo search marketing and Microsoft ad center. But, everyone depends on Google Ads as it a most popular and user-friendly tool. With PPC advertising you can get immediate visibility to your website which may lead to more traffic on your website. We will perform extensive keyword research before setting up your PPC campaign. We will monitor your PPC accounts for click and impression and will track your “Return on Investment” (ROI) to know how much profit your advertising budget is buying.

Note: Maybe there are several questions going through your mind which will be definitely answered by us.

Our PPC Services:

When it comes to Ads, they are different types of Google Ads; based upon the goal the ad should be selected. Place an ad where your customers are; to generate the leads and to convert them.
1. Search Ads
2. Display Ads
3. Video Ads
4. Shopping Ads

Why iConquerors for PPC Advertising?

What are the advantages of Google Ads?

1. Quick to launch
2. Instant Results or Traffic
3. Easy to track and measure conversions
4. Budget Controlling
5. ROI Assessment
6. Traceable Advertising

Outline for our Professional PPC strategy is mentioned below:

1. Setting your account
2. Keyword Research, analysis and suggestion
3. Ads Development and Creativity
4. Landing Pages
5. Bid Management & Strategy
6. Tracking Conversions and ROI
7. Reporting, Observations and Recommendations


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate


Online Leads

Get Answers to Your Questions

1. Is PPC applicable for any kind of business?

Yes, it is applicable for any kind of business. Due to the huge online competition even small scale industries are using Ads.

2. What are the different types of Google ads?

There are 4 different types of Google ads
1. Search ads
2. Display ads
3. Video ads
4. Shopping ads

3. Can we link the GA account to Google Ads account?

Yes, we can link both the accounts. Once the accounts are linked you can import the goals from google analytics.

4. How much time to approve an ad?

It may take 24 hours to approve an ad.

5. How to know whether your ad is running or not?

With the help of ad preview & diagnosis tool, we can know whether the ad is running or not.

6. What is an Ad rank?

The position of your ad on SERP is know as Ad rank.

7. What are ad extensions?

They are different types of ad extensions which you can showcase to increase the ad visibility. Few of them are site link extensions, call extension, location extension, call-out extension, price extension, promotion extension, message extension etc.

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We will help your business to grow online by following our unique practices and methodology.

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We will help your business to grow online by following our unique practices and methodology.

Why late? Get in touch with our experts and know about your business insights.

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