The Nature and Scope of Digital Marketing

Before we discuss the nature and scope of digital marketing, let’s understand why I didn’t explain it to you at the beginning itself of this write-up. You know that it resembles the branches of a tree, and the previous sections are akin to its roots.

To know how strong digital marketing is, we looked at its ‘why’ and ‘what ‘. If a tree’s roots are strong and deep, then it will stand firm. That’s simple!

Now, let’s understand the nature of digital marketing.

The nature of digital marketing changes dynamically. That is to say, if Google updates its algorithm, the strategies of marketing also will change. So does with the updates of Facebook or other social networks. Digital marketing goes hand in hand with search engines and social networks. That’s inevitable and internal (= nothing to do with the economic situations like recession).

Coming to the scope of digital marketing, it looks as vast as the oceans. I mean to say that literally. It is just like how a developer feels about Java language, a marketer will get the same feeling about digital marketing. Once you are into this ocean, you understand first-hand how enormous it gets as you navigate along the way.

The nature and scope of digital marketing in India 2020 show off way better signs when compared to global trends at present. India dreams about achieving $5 trillion economy mark by 2025.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the various segments or types of digital marketing. You can also recognize them by their roles in the industry. We can simplify recognize by the levels i.e

Level-I to Level-IV.

Level I- Executive

Level II- Analyst

Level III- Specialist/ Expert

Level IV- Manager

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Digital Marketing Specialist
  3. Digital Marketing Analyst
  4. Digital Marketing Executive
  5. Web Developer & Web Designing
  6. Social Media Executive
  7. Social Media Analyst
  8. Social Media Manager
  9. SEO Executive
  10. SEO Analyst
  11. SEO Specialist
  12. SEO Manager
  13. PPC Executive
  14. PPC Analyst
  15. PPC Specialist
  16. PPC Manager
  17. Content Writer/ Marketer

Other Roles: The other roles which are assigned in digital marketing are:

  1. Google Analytics Manager
  2. Lead Generation Expert
  3. CRM Manager
  4. E-mail Marketing Manager
  5. E-commerce Manager
  6. Digital Agency Account Director 

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