Content Marketing Strategy in SEO


In this scenario, getting the right information to the right customer at the right time has become critical in today’s world. Content marketing strategy in SEO is focused in a strategic way to build an audience by sharing relevant information to users to get profitable leads and customers to your website.

Note: “Content builds a relationship, Relationships built on trust, Trust drives Revenue.”                                                                                                                                                            -Andrew Davis.

Have you been struggling to improve your SEO campaign? If you want to succeed in content marketing you need to start by defining your goal. 

Here’s a step-by-step process to create a content plan for significant success to increase your brand visibility on the search engine.

Top 7 tips to Improve Content Marketing Strategy:

The main purpose of content is to create meaningful and sustainable to attract customers and increase brand awareness to your website. 

1. Recycle your existing content: 

Recycling your website with evergreen content is often inspires others to do the same. Your online campaign generates a lot of traffic and it reaches to a specific audience.

When you update with quality content to rank within the same keyword you are helping relevant users to find your brand in their time of need. This is the best way to improve your online presence in SERP. 

The ultimate goal of your content marketing is to build relationships with leads and customers by providing valuable information to make a smarter decision for purchasing a product. Plagiarism and Hemingway are the best tools to check your content is not plagiarized or copied from other websites.

2. Set your goals:

To set goals must have the vision to contribute to the achievement of business goals should be linked to the global strategy of your company. Publishing an article and responding to potential customers is an effective way to connect with customers.  

When you engage in content marketing they build their online presence consistently. Set your goals in a smart and clear way. Publishing 2-3 blog post in a week improves your brand visibility to your existing customers.content marketing strategy

3. Content with targeted keywords:

Identify your audience what they need and find relevant and profitable keywords which are related to your product or service to target what the audience want to know (or) learn from your website.

These are the key terms you need to know where users are actively searching in niche results.

  • Who is your audience
  • Why they need information
  • What kind of information they are looking to find
  • Which keywords they are using 

So, choose your well-defined narrow segment and understand your audience deeply. Google keyword plannerKW Finder ubersuggest, etc.., are the tools which suggest you target the keyword performance on this basis.

4. Provide Content with Infographic:

Unique content builds the authority in online and gives quality results. Content with infographic is the best way to reach the right audience and improves website performance to boost traffic effectively. 

Infographic gives a clear overview which is intended to understand in an easy way.

5. Format your content for featured Snippet:

It is a format which is supposed to provide a direct answer in response to a users query in SERP without the user has not clicked to a specific result. A snippet should be well structured and factual information The length of featured snippet must be 45 words. These Snippets are displayed in the form of why, how, where, what, etc.,

This snippet is accessible for relevant queries to the clear answers. Below are the 4 examples of featured snippets which appears at the top SERPs based on a query.  

featured snippet

Types of featured snippets: 

  • Paragraph Snippet
  • Numbered/Bulleted Snippet
  • Table Snippet
  • Video Snippet 

6. Share your Content on Social Media:

If you wish to make your business, popular and engage with people on different social media platforms. Social media presence will help grow your business. 

Sharing content on social media platforms TwitterLinkedinInstagrampinterestetc. to connect with business owners and promoting the things they create to increase traffic, brand visibility to your website. 

Keep your content focused and digestible. This is especially important in social media and understands that people to use different channels for different reasons to adopt the content. This kind of mindset will help to increase your website.

7. Measure your content performance:

Every piece of content will have a specific goal to accomplish in one’s own business. As a content marketing strategy is generating real business value to the company. By analyzing your content through the funnel model we can attract users and improve your conversion rates. 

The measurement plan for content is to deliver quality results into your brand/website. 

  • User Behavior: visitors, pages per session, bounce rate, organic CTR. 
  • Social Media Results: Likes, shares, comments, and mentions 
  • Blog Results: organic traffic, dwell time, quality backlinks.
  • Revenue: Number of leads, sales, conversion rate, ROI.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned tips are not quick and easy process but it takes some time to give you best results. Meanwhile, it improves your traffic and conversion rates. At the same time, you can go on your way to implement with more quality content you publish, on a consistent basis, you are going to achieve quality results to your website.

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