What is the conversion rate in Digital marketing?

what is conversion rate in digital marketing


Conversion rate is one of the best ways to measure the performance of your advertising activities. Varying from a cost-per-click or click-through rate, conversion rate gives a picture of how good you are in the market by getting the people and make them as a permanent customer. This process is called “ converting “ in Digital marketing. Developing your conversion rate is the initial stage of your return on investment.

In this article, we are going to discuss what is the conversion rate in Digital Marketing.  Conversion rate marketing formula, how to calculate the conversion rate, Important tips to increase your conversion rate, Important tricks to improve your website conversions from social media sites. 

What is the conversion rate?

The conversion rate is the percentage of people who visited your website and complete a particular goal. A high conversion rate indicates your successful marketing. A conversion may be anything which depends upon your business goals. Some common types of conversion are 

  • Registering on the site 
  • Submitting a form like lead gen form, contact us form, etc
  • Engaging with your online chat
  • Downloading the mobile app, software trails, eBook or something 
  • Engaging with your site in different ways
  • Calling your Business 
  • Using any advanced feature on your software or app 

How to calculate the conversion rate?

The conversion rate is calculated as the total number of people who are converted divided by the total number of people who visited your website.

Conversion rate marketing formula:

For example, if you have a laptop showroom

every month your site will get 100 visitors from which 10 visitors make a sign up for your email newsletter or 10 visitors buy one of your products, then that page conversion rate is 10%.

How to increase the conversion rate?

Conversions are varied from one business to another business.

The conversion of some businesses like an online publisher who measures his conversion rate by filling his form and submitting is one of his successful conversion.

Another online dealer will measure his conversion rate by some clicks to the “Add to cart” button.

If your site is getting huge traffic oh! That’s very good news and great but if that traffic won’t convert then it is useless.

Here are the important tips to improve your conversion rate. 

  1. Ask little information which is necessary for email form.
  2. Use well-defined action verbs that invite visitors to take action. For example” reserve your seat”, “pick up yours”.
  3. Use testimonials on email opt-in landing page and product landing pages. 
  4. Give brief and clear information about the benefits of your services or products. 
  5. Headlines are more important for your landing page. Make sure to write the perfect headline. 
  6. Keep opt-in boxes and other conversion elements above the fold. 
  7. Add a simple video to your landing page to promote your brand.
  8. Add on how many followers and subscribers are there in your social media channels. 
  9. Include strong calls to action in every piece of content on the website. 
  10. Add stock number which is left up to date. 
  11. Design your CTA button to perform best.
  12. Always ask for additional information later. 
  13. Give different types of payment options to accept all kinds of transactions. 
  14. Always use professional quality photos.
  15. Offer live chat to ask any questions about your products or services.
  16. Add a real photo of yours near a CTA, it proves to the customer that a real person is there behind the brand. 
  17. Always be careful about your content and it’s length. Provide what content is helpful for the targeted audience.
  18. Make sure to add pictures of smiling faces and happy people. These will give high conversion rates.
  19. Add contact info correctly.
  20. If a customer wants to buy any product don’t ask him to register first. Just make it easy to buy by providing his email.  

Improve your Social Media Conversion rate for ROI

According to a recent social media survey, Most of the social media customers are making purchases using online sites. 

Some of the most popular social media sites like

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

These channels are became most powerful channels for the audience. People are searching for a product and doing research and buying them online. This process has become a very easy way and time-saving for them.

All these processes have become very easy for the people because of the social media channels in which they want to buy.

Customers are becoming more habituated to these ideas. This is good news for all businesses to target the customers and then promote their products or services on social sites for more sales.     

The social media conversion rate is the same as the conversion rate that you are looking for all ROI.

The social media conversion rate is calculated as the number of conversions divided by the number of visitors to your website through social media channels.

Improve your website conversions from social media sites by following important tricks

  • Increasing your webpage speed.
  • Make your site more mobile-friendly.
  • Make more videos to promote your products or services.
  • Add convincing calls to action by asking the audience to check out your new promotions
  • Always track your conversions and Social Analytics.    


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