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PPC Interview Questions and Answers-2019

1. What is PPC?

It is an online advertising platform where you can promote your product or service online to reach the right customer. It is completely in the paid form.

2. What is the difference between an organic result and a paid ad?

Organic search results are the web page listings that most closely match the user’s search query based on relevance.
Paid results are basically advertisements — the Web site owners have paid to have their web pages display for certain keywords.

3. What is a keyword planner?

A Google keyword planner is a tool technically designed for Ads to know the top of the page (bid amount), search volume and other related keywords or phrases.

4. What is an ad preview and diagnosis tool?

It is a tool designed to know whether your ad is running or not for the keywords.

5. What is an ad rank?

The position of your ad on SERP is known as Ad rank.

6. Can we link our Google ads account to other Google tools?

If yes, name a few of them.Yes, we can link our Google ads account to different accounts such as GSC, Youtube, GA, etc.

7. Can we give account access to others?

Yes, we can give our account access to others.

8. What is a Google ad API?

Google Ad API is designed for representing large, tech-savvy advertisers and third parties who use Ads extensively.

9. What is the quality score?

It is the estimation of the quality of ads, keywords, and landing page. A higher quality score can lead to lower prices and a better position on a scale of 1 to 10.

10. On which parameters does quality score depend?

Quality score depends on ad relevancy, CTR and landing page quality. The more relevant your ad to the user will improve your quality score.

11. What are the different types of Google ads?

1. Search Ads
2. Display Ads
3. Video Ads
4. Shopping Ads
5. App Promotion Ads

12. Which conversions do we set & track on Google Ads?

We can track sales on the website, the app installed, phone calls and import the data from GA.

13. What are the types of bidding strategies?

Two types of bidding strategies: Manual bidding and Automated/ smart bidding strategy.

14. Name a few bidding strategies?

1. Target CPA
2. Target ROAS
3. Maximum clicks
4. Enhanced CPC
5. Maximum conversions
6. Manual CPC
7. Target search page location
8. Target outrank sharing
9. CPM
10. vCPM
11. CPV bidding
12. Target impression sharing

15. What are the keyword match types in Google ads?

1. Broad match
2. Modified broad match
3. Phrase match
4. Exact match
5. Negative match

16. Mention the character length of search ads?

Title 1, 2 & 3= 30 characters
Description1, 2 & 3= 80 characters

17. What is remarketing?

Remarketing is the process of targeting customers who already visited your website. It is also known as retargeting.

18. Types of remarketing?

1. Standard remarketing
2. Dynamic remarketing
3. Remarketing list for search ads
4. Video remarketing
5. Email list remarketing

19. Which is the bidding strategy if you want to rank top on Google when the budget is not the concern?

Target search page location.

20. Difference between call extension and call-out extension?

Call extension allows you to place a phone number on your ad, allowing people to call from results.
Callouts are add-ons you can use to bring more attention to your ads with phrases like “24/7 Service” or “free shipping” or “Save upto 30%”.

21. Difference between location extension and affiliate location extension?

Location extension: You can directly add your location from GMB page and to show the customers where you are located.
Affiliate location extension: Showcase where your product is available at different stores. For example, if have an e-commerce product, you can show where the product is available.

22. What is CTR?

No. of clicks/ No. of impressionsX100

23. How do Google ads work?

Google ads completely work on a bidding system. If you bid higher than your competitor your ad will show the top of the results.

24. What is an ad group in Google Ads?

An ad group is a set of keywords, ads and a landing page.

25. Which options can’t be changed after creating your Google Ads account?

Currency & time zone can’t be changed.

26. How to improve conversion rates?

We can improve conversion rates by adding different types of Ad groups.

27. What are the access levels in Google Ads?

1. Admin access
2. Email access
3. Read-only access
4. Standard access

28. How much time is taken to approve an ad?

Usually, within 24 hours Ads will be approved (only within the business days).

29. Uses of Google Ads?

1. Scalable
2. Measurable
3. Flexible
4. Overcome organic results.

30. What is PLA?

Product listing ads is a strategy used to advertise products ads on Google search and Google partners.

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