PGDM Agribusiness Management, not a term you listen to every day, is it? In a Human Life, three things are very important or you can say them as necessities 1. Food, 2. Clothing and 3. Shelter. If a person has to choose only one of these three, if he is in the right mind he will surely choose Food. That’s the primary necessity of any living being. That is why Agriculture will never run out of business. As long as there are people living on this earth it will always run.

Agriculture is not a corporate sector, But many big companies are now eyeing at this field after realizing the market potential it has. At present day Agriculture in India is not that profitable, A farmer in Germany is producing 20 times more crop than a farmer in India by using advanced equipment and techniques. So if it is done right, Agriculture in India also leads to high profits for sure.

Scope of MBA in Agribusiness Management

This MBA or PGDM programme focuses on core things like advanced growth techniques for agriculture, New and improvised machinery to increase the production, Fertilizers & Pesticides, Transportation and storage. Apart from core knowledge it also trains candidates with Finance, Exporting, Government policies, Overseas matters also.

Exporting our Fine crop to overseas is earning crores to our Country. So if we can market our crops and increase their production rapidly by newly introduced systems it produces a great deal of revenue.

Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness Management now has a great demand. There are a lot of agro-based industries out there focussing on the marketing perspective of Agriculture. They are in great need of the younger generation who can deal with farmers and can come up with different ideas. All the students who pursued PGD(ADM) can’t be enough to fill the vacancies it has now in the Market.

PGDM Agriculture business Management mostly deals with the production, Marketing and trading of Agriculture. You don’t have to involve in farming but you need to know about farming.

Eligibility for Agribusiness Management MBA or PGDM.

If you have a graduation degree in Agriculture or Horticulture or forestry or Biological Sciences with 60% (some institutes are admitting candidates with even 50%) then you are eligible and can apply for PGDM Agribusiness Management. Admissions will be taken either by CAT or MAT. If you got enough CAT score then you will be called and will have a Group Discussion round and Personal Interview. Work Experience is an added bonus.

Career Options for Agriculture business Management PGDM or MBA

After completing PGD(ABM) candidates will have a lot of opportunities to choose from. Like
1. Research Analyst
2. Agribusiness Manager
3. Mill Manager
4. Loan Officer
5. Merchandiser
6. Quality controller
7. Farm Manager
8. Food Manager ( Agribusiness)
9. Marketing Coordinator ( Agribusiness)
10. Farm Appraiser
11. Marketing Manager..etc

It has demand even outside India as well.

Top AgriBusiness Management Colleges in India

1. Manage (Hyderabad) National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management
2. MITCON Institute of Management (Pune)
3. Food and Agribusiness School (Hyderabad)
4. PJTSAU College of Agriculture (Hyderabad)
5. Institute of Agribusiness Management (Bikaner)

Agriculture Business Management Syllabus

1st semester:

1. Business Communication & Presentation Skills
2. Post Harvest Production Management
3. Principles & Practices in Management & Organisational Behaviour
4. Managerial Economics (Micro)
5. Business Law and Ethics
6. Basics of Marketing
7. Basic Financial and Management Accounting

2nd semester:

1. Management of Agriculture and Allied Sciences
2. Marketing and Retailing of Agri Inputs
3. Rural Credit & Finance for Agriculture
4. Marketing Management
5. Market Research and Quantitative Techniques
6. Macro Economics
7. Human Resource Management
8. Financial Management
9. Basics of International Business Management

3rd semester:

1. Business Policy and Strategic Management
2. Materials & Operations Management & Supply Chain Management
3. Management of Agri Cooperatives
4. Marketing and Retailing of Agro Outputs
And 4 Electives according to specialization

4th semester:

1. Project Management
2. Strategic Management
3. Post Harvest Management
4. Rural Marketing
2 Electives according to specialization


Syllabus may change from college to college but most of the subjects are the same.

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