How to Use LSI Keywords

How to use LSI Keywords

LSI-Latent Semantic Indexing is a practice of providing quality content to your website. According to the Core Algorithm, “Hummingbird” signaled to Google’s commitment for understanding the user search queries with the goal of keyword matching for more relevant results. In Today’s world, SEO is not just about keywords but also high-quality content. As the question arises you may be looking to find How to use LSI keywords in content?

Therefore, knowing the purpose behind the Hummingbird, It is important to know about search engine features to implement them in your SEO strategy to improve ranking and generate traffic for your website with semantic keywords. 

Let’s dive into a detailed article. 

What are LSI keywords

LSI keywords are the keywords that are synonyms with search-related keywords that are relevant to the main/primary keyword that you rank for. Also, they share the same context which shows at the bottom of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Google’s aim is to deliver the most relevant content that is related to focused keyword with high quality and visibility in its SERPs.

Semantic Keywords

Important Tips for how to use LSI Keywords

Use LSI keywords naturally when it needs and place your keyword for better ranking rather than including keywords randomly. Below are the tips for where to use semantic keywords in your content.

  • Title Tag

Put your semantic keyword in title tag Search engines use synonyms and other related terms to figure out what your page is about.

LSI keyword in Title tag

  • Meta Description

It is used to summarize web page content to let visitors know what a page is about before they click on it. 

LSI keyword in Meta Description

  • URL

Similar to the title tag, the limited character count means that priority should be given to your main keyword.

LSI keyword in url

  • Image Alt tag

Google bots cannot read images on the web. Therefore, It makes use of alt attributes to understand what an image is about. So, by using the main keyword or LSI keyword in the alt tag / alt text helps you to improve the rankings of a particular image on Google search.

Image alt tag in LSI Keyword

  • Meta tag

A meta tag is used by the internet search engine to display a description page in their search results. Title + Description + Keywords are known as meta tags. 

  • Anchor text

Anchor text is words clickable from one page to another page. It helps you to get better rankings and more organic traffic.

Anchor Text in semantic keyword

  • Use LSI keyword in first and last paragraph

Using highly related LSI keywords at the beginning/ending of your article is also a good idea. It is a natural way to start/end your article.

How to find LSI keywords

According to Backlinko, “In the early days of SEO, Google and other search engines would figure out a page’s topic-based 100% on the keywords they found on the page.”

Also, you can find LSI Keywords from the Google search result page for your target keyword. Ex: If your keyword is ‘how to bake a cake’ enter your keyword in search engine Google will suggest LSI keywords you can proceed to select those closely related to your context.

Below are some free tools to find the right keywords.

  • Google Search results: 

Google search organizes all the information on the internet to give you the most useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second. 

Google Search Keywords

  • Keyword Planner: 

Google Keyword Planner is for experienced and new promoters use as a free Google Ads tool. This tool used to search for keywords and generate the list of keyword performance with low volume, monthly searches with new keyword ideas.

Google Keyword Planner

Source: Google Keyword Planner

  • Answer the public:

Answer the public is a free tool. Which provides beneficial data on users query that people ask online. After entering your keyword, it will give you related questions including prepositions, comparisons, number of alphabetical keywords and other related keywords.

Answer the public tool

Source: Answer the public

  • LSI Graph:

LSI Graph is a free powerful tool that helps you to generate keyword ideas for websites to reach the right audience. Simply, pick the best keyword which is relevant to primary keyword with low competition and use them in your content, anchor text, backlinks. Then, see your pages will be climb up on SERP. 

LSI Graph tool

Source: LSI Graph

  • Ubersuggest

Everyday, millions of users come across various queries based on those keywords. Google and Ubersuggest provide limited keywords for user’s queries on Google search which are related to semantic ideas. 

Ubersuggest tool for LSI keyword

Source: Ubersuggest

  • Competitors

This is not the tool to find semantic keywords but by analyzing competitor keywords you can find the right keyword and new opportunities to create high-quality content. Certainly, one can find the relevant keyword through competitors.

Benefits of LSI keywords

  • Higher ranking on SERP
  • Index more number of keywords
  • Reduce keyword spamming
  • Increased traffic
  • Lesser bounce rate
  • Average session duration

Learn More from Experts:

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Google uses a system called LSI because Google search keywords rely on the relevant content that are related to semantic keywords. By using  LSI keywords in your content is one of the best way to optimize your webpage and help you to understand the concept of your website in search engines.

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