How to head start your career in digital marketing in 2020?

At some point of time in life, you and I must find an answer to one of the few important questions we ever encountered head-on, “What do I do to build my career?” Figuring out your calling in life is equally tough as finding your life partner.

For many of us don’t know what to do, when to do, and how to do. That’s a zillion dollar question indeed.

In this article, I will help you out, like a one to one career counselor, how you can pursue a career in digital marketing in 2020 and beyond. Also, this write-up guides those who are looking for the digital marketing career opportunities in 2020.

Let’s move forward.

Why a Career in Digital Marketing?

If I ask this question to a fresh graduate, you would say that your classmates are pursuing it. Or you can’t code, and that’s why you want to get into the digital marketing field. Following the crowd doesn’t define the purpose of choosing this field, but a rational analysis of the same does.

Digital marketing is on the boom ever since the invention of the internet. It paved the way to something that was never before in the history of mankind, Social Media. Nowadays, that’s where you find people spending a considerable amount of their time online, which gives you the chance to directly market virtually anything.

google 2012

Source: Google/File/Screenshot/Stats for 2012/Image used for comparison of stats with that of current year

Consider the stats for a moment;

  1. Out of 8 billion global population, 4.48 billion people have access to the internet
  2. Overall 5.8 billion searches take place on Google per day
  3. In India, Facebook has about 314 million active users (until October 2019)
  4. Instagram has 73 million Indian users as of 2019
  5. YouTube has 1.9 billion users worldwideWorld wide digital Population


And these social media numbers make you stagger as you dig deeper and deeper for more insights. And these numbers will certainly not come down (but increase in manifold) unless otherwise the government of the land block a network.

So where people spend their time, there you find industries across the spectrum of business sharpen their marketing strategies to convert potential customers to loyal ones. 

By the way, digital marketing is in no way against the traditional marketing, but it has been creating infinite possibilities even for a small-time business to reach out to audiences across the globe. 

Social Networks


As a result, it created a great need for professional digital marketers with promising growth for them. Thus, I can conclude that the digital marketing career opportunities in India are aplenty since the country is the second-largest online market in the world.

number of social network users in india


What is and will be the State-of-affairs in the Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in 2020?

In the above section, we have seen why and how digital marketing offers itself as a promising career for you. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the present state of affairs, especially in the aspect of finding employment right after you finish off your SEO marketing course.

instagram users


In this section, let me explain to you the current scenario. According to Glassdoor, the largest company review site in the world, Marketing Manager is one of the ten top high-paying jobs in the world with tens of hundreds of openings. Even in terms of vacancies, a marketing-related job stands at number seven with 61k unfilled openings. 

Seeing the in-demand for a marketing job in the digital sphere, top business schools such as SSIM, ISB, some IIMs, and XLRI have started offering an executive course in Digital Marketing. This course was not there on their list of niche programs. But these premier institutions might seem to have understood the potential impact of ignoring online marketing program. 

To make things clear further, let’s have a look at the revenues of the social media giant, Facebook, and the search engine giant, Google, in India. 

  • Google India revenue stands at INR 4147 crores for FY 19, with 28% digital advertising revenue
  • Facebook India reported a revenue of INR 892 crore for FY 19, with a 71% increase in the revenue



Plus, Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) reports that the digital advertising industry is estimated to be at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.96 percent to reach INR 24, 922 crore by 2021.

Moving on, take a look at the image which describes the percentage of digital ad spending by various sectors in India for FY 19. You see that the numbers don’t lie as hips do!

Live Mint edited


All those crazy stats seems to bombard us, don’t they?

So here is the bottom line: without spending in digital, there won’t be any revenue for major social networks. On the other hand, the revenue generation for the internet giants stimulates job creation in digital. Thus, the digital marketing career opportunities in India in 2020 shine brighter than they were before.

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