How to Improve search ranking on Google?

In this competitive world, It’s not easy to dominate your competitors. Every Internet marketer will have a desire to get listed on the 1st page or position in Google search results. 

Well, It’s a good idea to have such kind of desire to achieve your goal but still couldn’t reach your goal yet? Here’s a guide which may help you to improve search ranking on Google.

Let’s be genuine to ourselves and checkout your website performance with these simple tips where you are lacking to rank on Google.

9 proven ways to Improve Search Ranking on Google:

Below are the tips to increase your ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

1. Remove Duplicate Content:

Removing and updating with high-quality content increases its value to your business campaign. Content plays a major role in SEO to get traffic and to rank a website.

Unique content with fresh and relevant to the topic gives better results. The more quality content you provide the more visitors will stay longer on your website because they find useful information and satisfied through your page and it increases the dwell time to your site. 

2. Optimize Page Title and Meta Description:

It is important to optimize title and description because search engine looks at title and URL to understand a page that gives relevant information to a query through meta description user will attract to click your website from SERP. It helps to get more traffic to your website.

Title & Meta Descrptn

3. Use Long-tail Keywords in title:

Most of them are not bothered about long-tail keywords but it helps to rank a keyword in search engine. 

It is a technique of targeting highly specific niche search items consists of 3+ words (or) phrase might not seem long word in general context but it changes everything in SEO to rank naturally and makes keyword popular in search engine.

Simultaneously, it might take a bit longer to rank in SERP. you can find long-tail keywords in some tools like Keyword planner, KWfinder, etc.., It has less search traffic but has high conversion value.

long tail keyword

4. Keep Focus on Audience:

Content must be written in natural/friendly language that the majority of people can understand easily and spend more time on your website. 

While writing the content always keep your audience in mind and what they are looking for and how to attract users to find relevant information. when you focus on your audience, the links you get will be valuable.

5. Use Inbound Links and Outbound Links:

Inbound links will improve the single page traffic to another page within the same website. Outbound links should be linked to authority sites and the site must be recent and relevant to the topic/keyword.

Note: Irrelevant sites will not affect your SEO ranking but it might be considered as spam.

internal linking and external linking

6. Get Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks area well-known ranking factor in SEO. Through link building strategy we can build quality backlinks and improves search visibility to your website.

Quality backlinks help a site to rank higher in search engine and bad backlinks create problems and harm your website with spamming. 

Focus on relevant, quality links from unique domains and off-page SEO techniques help to improve search ranking and to get backlinks manually. 

7. Improve Page-loading Speed:

If your page speed is low Google will hurt your ranking in search engine. 50% of the websites had left behind because of low page speed, A page should not take longer than 3 seconds to load. A slow website will impact negative interaction and kills your website traffic.

8. Fix Broken Links:

Broken links are one of the reason that will not allow ranking a website on Google. It is also called as dead links. 

When a user clicks on your web page if it shows an error like 404 then Google will consider as the website is not updated and you will lose user experience and ranking. 

So, fix the broken links as early as possible. Webmaster tools is the best tool to fix broken links on your website.

9. Site Architecture and Ease of Navigation:

A clear and fresh site architecture helps visitors to find the information what they want on your website and come back to your site several times that leads your website has improved ranking in SERP. 

If the user did not find any relevant information and leaves the website that will lead to a high bounce rate and hurts your site with a low number of page views.

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