Google Snippets in SEO

Google snippets in SEO

The term snippet has several meanings but we are here to share about Google Snippets in SEO. A short summary of the content is displayed on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). These snippets are generated on search terms of the user’s query.

Depending upon the ranking position search engines will decide whether it is a rich snippet or featured snippet. This snippet will impact your CTR (Click Through Rate).

What are Google Snippets?

Google snippet is a normal google search results that gather information from various sources of additional data displayed on SERP. It appears in 3 pieces of data-

1. Title tag
2. URL
3. Meta description
Google Snippet

Types of Google Snippets in SEO:

There are two types of Google snippets. 

  1. Rich Snippets
  2. Featured Snippets 

Let’s see in a detailed article, how they appear on SERP.

1. What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets or Rich results are relatively rare but it gives detailed information with specific queries, and help users to recognize when your site is relevant to their search, and it gives you more visibility when you have the right structured markup. Below is an example of a rich snippet.

Rich Snippet

Below are the types of rich snippets which appear on SERP based on user query in search engines. 

  • Local Business

Small business organizations and local businesses will make use of these rich snippets. When people want to know more about the company/business search engines will help users to find more information such as Address,, operation hours, website, reviews, ratings, etc..,

Local Business Snippet
  • Review Snippets:

It is an individual star rating described on a numeric scale from (0-5) given by the user. 

  • Recipe Snippets:

It gives a quick overview of the cooking process with ingredients, preparation time, calorie count and so on… which are required in the recipe. For these snippets, ratings are given by users so that people can check the rating to decide whether the recipe is worth or not.

Recipe Snippet
  • Product Snippets:

Google Search Engines gives specific information about a product including price range, the product is in stock or out of stock and features of a product. Generally, online stores attract customers by adding a low-high price comparison. It helps the user to purchase from a merchant or another.

Product Snippet
  • Events Snippets:

This snippet is related to upcoming events when a user needs information about a certain event search engines displays with date, time, and location of an event, etc.., 

Event Snippet

2. What are Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippet is a summary of an answer to a user’s query. It appears above the organic results and generates more traffic to a website. The length of the featured snippet must be 45 words. These Snippets are displayed in the form of why, how, where, what, etc..,

This snippet is accessible for relevant queries to clear the answers. Below are the 4 examples of featured snippets that appear at the top SERPs based on a query.

  • Paragraph snippet:

Paragraph clearly comes from a longer list, and a featured snippet clearly answers the question in a concise way through relevant keywords.

Paragraph Snippet
  • Numbered / Bulleted list:

List of items or steps that a user is searching to find in the form of a numbered or bulleted snippet.

Numbered and Bulleted Snippet
  • Table Snippet: 

A table format answers a query based on a required comparison. Google will extract the data and reformat it into a table to make an important format to target.

Table Snippet
  • Video Snippet:

It shows the three resources of answers image, content and URL in one box.

Video Snippet

How to rank featured snippet on Google

To get rank on featured snippets first thing you need to have some knowledge about how users ask queries in Google. (Ex: how what, why, which, etc..,) You need to prepare quality content to rank #0 position. 

When you rank #0 on SERP, you will potentially rank higher, organic traffic and instant clicks to your website. Because Google finds a related search of user’s queries from your content and it attracts users to know more about the website.

Snippets are an algorithmic feature by Google. It is the tool to appear on your website on the #0 position. Below are the 3 steps to fetch as Google’s new search Console for featured snippets.

Step-1: Login to GSC (Google Search Console) tool

Step-2: Expand the menu there you will see an option URL inspection on the left side

Step-3: Enter the URL of the submitted page, it will retrieve your data that the page is crawled or not.

Step-4: Then, click on coverage option it will display the result of page fetch.

Google search console
Featured Snippet on Google through GSC

Check out with another example to rank on the featured snippet in HTML

Featured Snippets with HTML:

You need not install any plugins or complicated XML schema to land on featured snippets. You just need to enter the HTML code in your blog follow the below instructions.

  • Choose your existing or new web page for which you want to make your blog as a featured snippet.
  • Add a clean code at the top of blog posts (either a new page or existing blog page).
  • Use the format of featured snippet for (Paragraph, numbered list, etc..,).
  • Submit the URL to Google to re-crawl the page to rank on the #0 position. 

Check with the below example to choose snippets such as paragraph, numbered list, etc..,

How to rank featured snippet on Google

The above-mentioned snippets have a vast majority for being highlighted on SERP to get more visibility and increase your CTR. Google snippets will motivate you to work hard on your content. but you cannot be assured when you will see the results it completely depends upon search engine bots.