There was this announcement on Google:

On December 5th 2022, Google announced a helpful content update, which enhances its classifier which works on content across all languages globally. It may be visible and fully roll out in a week or two. This was in process since August 2022 and finally updated now.

What is helpful content update:

There is a lot of content we get on google; there are many top-ranking sites which may provide very less or not much relevant information.
Many times users search for content on the internet, and it is frustrating when one lands on unproductive web pages that are primarily designed to rank well on the Search Engine.

The helpful content system facilitates finding distinctive and beneficial content/web pages created for internet users rather than search engines. It directs and boosts content that integrates quality and value to the page, which is unique from what is generally available.

The content ranking system mainly analysed English content when it was introduced in the beginning. Google algorithm has been updated to analyse and evaluate the content and reward unique and relevant web pages, removing unhelpful content.
Using a machine-learning model, the classifier process is fully automated. Now Google has confirmed the algorithm has extended to all languages globally.
It is neither a manual action nor a phishing action, it’s just one of signals Google evaluates to rank content.

What does it mean for my site

There is a questionnaire provided by google to ponder over your content. If you unbiasedly answer these questions, you can classify your content as whether it concurs with this update.

If this update has affected your content, it may take months to regain your position after you make the right changes. Google states if a site is no longer seen as helpful, it will be downgraded until positive improvements are done. Therefore, constantly strive to improve the value and authenticity of your website.

In these two weeks or so, if you see any ranking or visibility changes in Google search, especially if they’re significant, you can credit it to this update. Read Google’s suggestions, implement the necessary adjustments, and wait for a comeback in the ensuing months.

This update will help you all until then, upgrade so you can quickly get back on track.

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