As a website owner, you probably know how important it is to rank well in Google’s search results. After all, the higher you rank, the more traffic and potential customers you can attract. But what happens when your rankings suddenly drop, seemingly without any reason? This is where Google’s core updates come into play. Previously, there has been a Google rollout – helpful content update, which caused a change in the Google algorithm.

Google Search has started to roll out the first broad core update of the 2023 year, and this one is named the March 2023 broad core update. It began on March 15th, 2023, and can take about two weeks to roll out, Google wrote. This update touched down fast and hard – it is a big one that influences Google Discover, feature snippets, and other features. As a reminder, the Google February 2023 product reviews update finished rolling out on March 7th, 8-days afterwards, Google began to roll out this broad core update.

So far, this update has started with a bang, and there is a lot of movement based on both SEO chat among the SEO community and tracking tools that are displaying tremendous volatility.  Honestly, this one seemed to have a more significant impact on more of the black-hat SEO community than the white-hat, but that might be too early to say.

What is a Broad Core Update?

Google releases broad core updates several times throughout the year. These updates aim to improve the quality of search results by enhancing the ranking algorithm. Broad core updates focus on improving search relevance and user satisfaction by providing better answers to user queries. They are designed to reward high-quality content and sites that follow Google’s guidelines.

Google algorithm updates

The March 2023 Broad Core Update

The March 2023 Broad Core Update is a significant update that has started off with a big impact on the SEO community. This update looks at all types of content, including news, videos, blog posts, and more. It is a global update that impacts all regions and languages.

Google has not provided specific details on the impact of this update or the percentage of queries or searches that have been affected. However, from what we have seen so far, this seems to be a typical core update that reaches wide, and the impact is fast.

What Does This Mean for Website Owners?

If you own a website, it is crucial to monitor the impact of the March 2023 Broad Core Update on your site’s search ranking. If this update negatively impacts your website’s traffic and ranking, you will need to examine your content and determine how you can improve it based on Google’s core update advice.

How long does it take to recover?

Broad core updates tend to happen every few months, and it’s possible that content that was impacted may not recover until the next update is released. However, Google is constantly making smaller updates to its search algorithms, and these can cause content to recover if improvements are made.

To recover from this update, you will need to look at your content and see if you can do better with Google’s core update advice. This may involve improving the quality of your content, addressing technical issues on your site, and following Google’s guidelines for SEO. It is essential to remember that these updates can take about two weeks to roll out, and sometimes, the changes you see within the first few days are not where things stick. So be patient and wait for the rollout to complete before taking any action.


Google will periodically refresh the algorithm, the March 2023 Broad Core Update is significant, and it is starting off very strong and swiftly. While we do not have all the details on the impact of this update, it is essential for website owners to monitor their site’s search rankings and take steps to improve their content and follow Google’s guidelines for SEO. With patience and the right strategy, you can recover from this update and continue to drive traffic to your site. iConquerors digital marketing agency is here to help you with organic growth and white hat SEO strategies. It is the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad.

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