Best Free SEO Tools in 2020 [Perfect Tools for any kind of Business Growth]

There are many free SEO tools among them these are the 50 best free SEO tools for every SEO professional in daily life. Which are free and give useful data for business growth and work’s GREAT.

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1. Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is for experienced and new promoters use as a free Google Ads tool. It is also used as a workshop for developing search network campaigns. The keyword tool is also used to search for keywords and the list of keyword performance with high and low volume, monthly searches with new keyword ideas. It includes keywords competitive bids and budgets according to your campaigns.

Keyword Planner

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2. Answer the Public

Answer the public is a free tool that provides content marketing people with beneficial data regarding questions that people ask online. After entering your keyword it will give you related questions including prepositions, comparisons, number of alphabetical order keywords and related keywords.

Answer the Public

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3. Woorank

Woorank is an instant SEO checker and SEO Audit Tool. It is a simple and easy to use free SEO checker and website analysis tool to improve your website online visibility and rankings through SEO, usability, social media and more. This tool will track and connect your marketing data.woorank

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4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the best free SEO tools provided by one of SEO Experts Mr. Neil Patel. Ubersuggest 5.0 helps you to increase your traffic and show how to win the game in SEO. This free SEO tool provides useful information such as your Domain Overview, Top SEO Pages, Keyword Suggestions, Content Ideas, Backlink Data.ubersuggest

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5. Disavow Tool

Disavow tool is used to remove all harmful links which are pointing towards your website. Google’s Link Disavow Tool allows you to tell Google not to allow any unrelated links from external sites which decreases the website ranking in SERP.

google disavow tool

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Preferences: What is Disavow?

6. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is one of my favorite top free SEO tools that provide 100% free SEO tools. From the start of my journey, this tool has given me very helpful data to move forward, Such a wonderful tool. In this tool you will find 100% satisfaction by finding so many SEO related tools, such as Text Content Tools, Image Editing Tools, Keywords Tools, Backlink Tools, Website Management Tools, Website Tracking Tools, Proxy Tools, Domains Tools, Meta Tags Tools, Password Management Tools, Online PDF Tools, Development Tools, Unit Converter Tools, Binary Converter Tools.

small seo tools

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7. SimilarWeb

This free SEO tool provides complete web analytics services for your business. This similar web provides your competitors or clients site Monthly visits, Pages per visit, Bounce Rate, Average Visit Duration, how much percentage of people are using in the Top 5 countries, You will also know about Traffic from Direct, Search, Email, referrals, Social, Display Ads.similarweb

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8. Share through

Share Through is a free SEO tool that shows the strength of your article headline. After entering your headline it will give the strength, headline quality score, Engagement score, and Impression score.share through

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9. GTmetrix

Gtmetrix is also one of the best free SEO tools which give a detailed report on the performance of your website. By using Google page speed and YSlow it will analyze your website’s speed performance. It shows how fast your site loads when the user clicks on metrix

Find out: GTmetrix

10. Screaming frog

This screaming frog SEO spider tool is a website crawler. This a powerful tool that crawls both small and very large websites. It will audit technical and onsite SEO and also fetch key elements to analyze. This a free SEO tool for more advanced features you can purchase.scriming frog

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This keyword tool gives the number of keyword Ideas and long-tail unique keywords. Not only Keyword suggestions but it also provides Keyword questions and Prepositions with search volume, Trend, CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and Competition.

Note: The free version of this tool generates up to 750 keywords.

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12. Bing webmasters tool

Bing webmaster is a free tool that allows you to know how your website crawling and indexing, new URLs submission, website statistics, Community resources and new content, consolidation of content and sitemap webmaster tool

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13. Hemingway app

Hemingway app is a content modifying tool. In this tool, if you enter your content it will show you what to correct to get more understand to users who visit your website.hemingway app

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14. SEO Web Page Analyzer

This SEO Web Page Analyzer free tool gives you the total structure of your web page. It gives an overall score of the web page, general information like Page Weight, Google page rank, To know Is there any changes to do on meta title and description, heading structure on the page, Content analysis on the page, Keyword Analysis on the page, Hyperlinks on the page, External links, Internal links, Images and Social.

seo webpage analyzer

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15. SERP Simulator

In this Free SEO Tool, you can check how your article will appear on the Google Search Engine Results Page with title, URL, Meta Description before it published.serp sim

Find out: SERP Simulator

16. SEOmofo

SEOmofo is a free Google SERP Snippet Optimization tool that optimizes your search engine results page snippets for a higher click-through rate. It will also show you how your web page will appear on Google SERP.seo mofo

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17. Yoast SEO

In this Yoast SEO tool if you enter your main keyword from your blog post, then this tool will suggest how to improve your blog post to optimize it for search engines.youst seo

Fin out: Yoast SEO

18. Google Trends

Google trends are the Google website that analyzes the popular search queries in Google search across different countries and languages. This tool provides keyword related data that includes geographical information about search engine results and search volume trends

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19. Schema Creator

Schema creator tool modifies how your web pages appear in the Google Search engine results page. By creating your custom code your organizations, reviews, events, and people are shown the way you want in the Google search engine results page.schema generator

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20. SERP Robot

SERP Robot tool is a free SEO tool that provides the ranking position of your website up to five keywords. By entering your keyword it will show the ranking of your website in the Google search engine results page. In this tool, you can also find the ranking positions of your competitors.serp robot

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21. XML Sitemaps

In this XML Sitemaps is a free SEO tool which gives them information about what pages are crawled by Google Robots. In this tool, if you enter your website then you will get the total web pages that are crawled. This tool provides up to 500 pages for free.xml sitemap

Find out: XML Sitemaps

22. Browseo

Browseo tool helps you to show your website in a way that search engines see it. In this free SEO tool when you enter your site it allows you to view your web page in a different style i.e., in a search engine view style.browseo

Find out: Browseo

23. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is one of the best SEO tools which audit your website for technical SEO issues and on-page. This tool will provide a fast audit of your site. It checks each and every issue and also proper tags are provided or not.seo site checkup

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24. Bitly

Bitly is a free SEO tool that makes your links powerful marketing effects. When you enter your web page URL in this tool it will shorten your URL. This shortens URLs are very powerful for your business which gets up to 34% of links to your website according to Bitly.bitly

Find out: Bitly

25. SE Ranking

It is an SEO and PPC research tool which gives your competitors keywords and ads for organic search and paid. In this tool, you will get a full list of your competitors for a particular ranking

Find out: SE Ranking

26. LinkMiner

LinkMiner helps you to find broken links on any web page. This tool will study HTTP status of all links on the web page and 404 broken links are displayed red. For broken link link-building this tool is very useful.linkminer

Note: It is a 10-day free trial.

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27. Structured Data Testing Tool

A structured Data tool provides different ways to provide test, modify and develop your structured markup. This free SEO tool is provided by Google. This tool helps you to provide a situation to the information on your web pages.structured data tool

Find out: Structured Data Testing Tool

28. Copyscape

The free Copyscape helps you to know online plagiarism i.e., it will show you if any site uses your website content. It provides online copyright protection by easy search of plagiarism and recognizes if any content theft.copy scape

Find out: CopyScape

29. Majestic

The majestic tool will show you the data on your links. After submitting your website it will give information about how many fresh external backlinks, Referring domains, Supplemental links, Total Inbound links and map on Redirects, TextLinks, Images, Frames.majestic

Find out: Majestic

30. Serpstat

Serpstat is a free SEO tool that gives a total overview of your website. For professionals, it is an All-in-One SEO platform. By submitting your website it provides rank tracking, Backlink analysis, Keyword research, Site audit, Competitor research.serp start

Find out: Serpstat

31. Pingdom

Pingdom is a website performance monitoring tool, It shows you how user experience(UX) towards your website in real-time. This SEO tool helps you to gain immediate perceptions of your availability and website performance. It will show you an amazing end experience.pingdom

Note: It is a 14-days free trial.

Find out: Pingdom

32. Buzzsumo limited

Buzzsumo provides you the top-performing articles and blog of your website. It finds the best performing content. It helps you to develop your content and to become popular by crawling the web and social media of your site.buzzsumo

Note: It provides a 7 days free trial.

Find out: Buzzsumo

33. Stat counter

Stat counter works as a website Analytics. It helps you to increase website traffic, generate sales leads, detect click fraud and it will be stayed connected by sending emails when an individual visitor return to your website.start counter

Note: All the tools in this tool are free for 30 days.

Find out: Stat Counter

34. Wordtracker LLP

Wordtracker LLP is a keyword research tool providing services since 1998. It is a powerful keyword tool that gives you the data to improve your search ranking, attract high level targeted visitors to your website, and increase conversion rate.word tracker

Note: The first 10 keyword research is free, then after it will charge accordingly.

Find out: Wordtracker LLP

35. SEO Workers

SEO workers is a free SEO analysis tool, that analyze the pages and give information on HTTP Headers check, Meta tag analysis, keyword relevancy, Information on page displayed within search engine results, what URL’s found in the page, Keywords in the anchor tags, keywords in the image “alt” attribute text, heading and phrase elements.seo workers

Find out: SEO Workers

36. Web CEO

Web CEO is an SEO tool for Digital Marketing Agency to get more lead generation and Task management. This tool helps you to manage hundreds of client sites easily, gives new SEO tools daily, attract your clients with attractive SEO reports.web ceo

Note: This tool is a 14 days free trial after you may follow the plans.

Find out: Web CEO

37. Matomo

Matomo is a web analytics tool that gives complete analytics and evaluates full user experience and conversion optimization features, Sessions recordings, Funnel Goals, Heatmaps, and A/B Testing.


Find out: Matomo

38. Xenu’s Link sleuth

This is a free broken link checker tool. It will check any broken are there on your website. This tool will collect the root web page and scans it completely to test every single link and check they are working correctly. It is simple and systematic to check all the links on your website.

xenus sleuth link

Find out: Xenu’s Link sleuth


39. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool that sends emails which are matching to your selected alerts. For this, you need to go to and search for your topic and create an alert.

google alerts

Find out: Google Alerts

40. Deep crawl

Deep crawl is a venture cloud-based web crawling technology. This tool identifies and fixes the technical & performance issues. It is the best SEO tool to help in promoting growth and effectiveness for the client base.

deep crawl

Note: It is a 2 weeks free trial tool.

Find out: Deep crawl

41. Keyworddit

This is a free keyword research tool. Just enter your keyword in the box and then select from the auto-generated list. After clicking the “ Get Keywords “ you will get a lot of related keywords which helps you to increase your traffic.


Find out: Keyworddit

42. SEOptimer

SEOoptimer is a free SEO checker tool that gives you free website analysis. It is a reporting tool provides a complete SEO audit of your website. It also provides free SEO tools like Meta Tag Generator, Robots.txt Generator, XML sitemap Generator, .htaccess File Generator and it is also a free keyword tool providing keyword Generator.


Note: This tool is free for 14 days.

Find out: SEOptimer

43. MozBar

MozBar is one of the pioneer SEO toolbars. It has seen important updates over the years. In this MozBar you can also log in with a free Moz account and get link metrics. This free browser extension provides on-page access to Moz’s link metrics and site analysis tools.

moz bar

Find out: MozBar

44. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

The Backlink checker is a free tool provided by Ahrefs which is the most powerful backlink checker. In this tool, you will get a domain and page-level metrics for any target. You will get complete data on your website backlinks. Also, you will see organic traffic to each linking page and referring page.

ahref backlink checker

Note: Free will be up to a certain period only for more details you can visit the site.

Find out: Backlink Checker

45. SEMrush

For Digital Marketing Professionals SEMrush is an All-in-one marketing toolkit. This tool provides extensive progress for any SEO professional, boost the results of your PPC actions, Builds your social media strategy, create content that drives outstanding marketing results, Gives your competitors plans overview.


Note: This is 7 days free trial after that it will charge according to its plan.

Find out: SEMrush

46. Google My Business

Google My Business is an easy to use tool for companies and businesses to organize their online showing in Google. It allows you to maintain your business, manages your business to appear on Google that includes search and maps, You can tell a story of your business by interacting with your old and new customers. Google My Business is completely a free SEO tool provided by Google.

Google My Business

Find out: Google My Business

47. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz’s Keyword research tool is a free SEO tool that gives you almost 500 million traffic driving keywords, 180 million fresh ranking keywords, 170 Google search engines. Moz’s free community account provides you to access 10 queries a month, these queries give you up to 1000 keywords suggestion depending upon SERP analysis.

moz keyword explorer

Find out: Keyword Explorer

48. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most useful tool to improve your SEO. Analytics will give a lot of data related to your website’s performance in search engines. Analytics will give information about how much traffic you received and where it is from, how much time a customer has spent, what pages they have visited before exit from your website, from which location they are coming from, how many users from mobile, desktops and tablets. It also shows you from which operating system. Like this, you will get so much information about the audience who is visiting your site.

google analytics

Find out: Google Analytics

49. Google Search Console

Google search console is a free SEO tool that helps you to improve your site performance. Search console gives you whole data of your website behavior from the beginning of how Google crawl and index and ranks your website. Also in this tool, you will get keyword data that is trustworthy.

google search console

Find out: Google Search Console

50. Moz Local Listing Score

Moz Local Listing Score tool shows you how your local business looks online. MOZ clutches data from different online directories such as Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Foursquare, Hotfrog, us-info, ShowMeLocal, Navmii. From these Moz will give you complete results for your business.

moz local check

Find out: Moz Local Listing Score

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