Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

Traditional marketing has a limited scope in terms of reaching out to a specific audience. Digital marketing overcomes that barrier with its dozen other ways to target only those that want your products or services.

So here is the list of types that constitute a broad subject called digital marketing.

Top Six Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You know how Google changed things from ‘Guru Devo Bhava:‘ to ‘Google Devo Bhava:.’ SEO aims to make your content, be it about products or services, visible to the audience. Because of that publicity, everyone from the same industry compete with one another to rank high to the first page of a search engine. So much so someone joked about the second page of Google like this: “If you want to bury a dead body, the safest place is the second page on Google.”

The more your content is visible, the more the audience is aware of your brand. And this brand awareness prompts people in the likely event to buy your goods, products, or services.

This SEO depends on three crucial things that will be taught to you during the digital marketing course. They are as follows:

  1. Keyword – The words you type on the search bar
  2. Content – The relevant and plagiarism-free content
  3. Page speed – Your website or mobile app speed affects your ranking on a search engine

You gain hands-on experience with tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SpyFU, and many more. That’s the broad overview of SEO marketing. Your instructor will help gain more insights into this type of digital marketing during the course.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It sounds weird if someone tells you that they are not any social network. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tinder, TikTok, and sundry. Your presence on any one of the social media prompts me to market my stuff. That’s how Social Media Marketing (SMM) works. 

You can run campaigns on social media. Through these campaigns, your target audience on social networks specifically. In other words, you focus your marketing on the targeted groups without squandering resources, which is not possible through conventional marketing.

So during your digital marketing course, you will understand how to run a social media campaign to attract customers to your products or services.

3. Content Marketing

If the strategies of digital marketing is one side of the coin, then content marketing of the same will be the other side of the same coin. The marketing strategies and content go hand in hand. The content here can be a website content, blog, infographic, video, a quora answer, case study, white paper, eBook, etc.

Without content, you cannot do any marketing. If you are good enough at English, you can write content for the marketing of your stuff. However, trying to ride on two galloping horses is dangerous. It’s better to stick either devising strategies or to write content to execute them.  

The type of industry determines what kind of content it requires for digital marketing. All your content marketing stuff has to adhere to the practice of SEO to rank high in search engine pages. 

There are some tools (like Grammarly, Canva, etc.) that help you curate killer content for marketing. Your instructor will guide you to understand some of their functioning during your digital marketing course.

4. Email Marketing

Words are like food. They can be sweet, bitter, bland, sour, or anything in between to taste. Plus, emotions in words connect strangers, and thus, draw them to pay attention to what you say through your site or app.

Email marketing becomes your stronghold if you know how to write such convincing emails to prospects. Sooner than later, they turn out to be your loyal customers.  

We have a bunch of helpful tools such as MailChimp in the market for executing email marketing. Your role as an email marketing specialist is to get and dispatch a killer content. For additional resources on the subject, try to refer to blogs and videos by experts now and then.

5. Google Ads

What is Google Ads? 

To explain it in simple terms, Google Ads is a digital advertising platform, which is a money-spinner for Google. The Ads consist of various sections; namely,

  1. Search Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Video Ads
  4. Mobile App Ads

I am not going into the technicalities (including Pay Per Click and Cost per Impressions) and rewards of those ads. But I am trying to give an overview of Google Ads so that it will be easier for you when you take up digital marketing course.

In Google Ads, you bid your ad for a keyword. That is to say, when visitors search with that keyword, your ad will show up. Of course, it depends on the type of ad you choose, the keyword competitors, and the budget you can allocate. 

The bidding for a high volume keyword generally begins at a high price and vice versa. 

In a nutshell, the sole aim of Google Ads is to grow your business with – more calls to your services, more visitors to your store, or more traffic to your site.

Given the potential business growth and the vastness of Google Ads, companies employ a dedicated specialist to manage it. 

6. Lead Generation

How do you make businesses grow from strength to strength? It’s through lead generation. The leads in your niche industry are nothing but your potential customers. 

The question here is how to bring them to your business. There are some tools such as Sales Navigator, Builtwith, LinkedIn, and so on to help you find leads suitable for your business. 

During your digital marketing course, your trainer may or may not make you familiar with those tools. Try LinkedIn at least to build your social profile. I am sure that you generate leads (HR folks) for yourself that they might hire you as a digital marketer. 

How sweet that is to know!

That’s all about the broad types of digital marketing.

Advanced Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Let’s now look at the growth curve of a digital marketer. Before that, remember this truth – There are no quick fixes to success. You jump start your digital marketing career in 2020, but you might be VP digital marketing by 2030. Who knows?

1. Digital Marketing Intern: To some of us, the digital marketing career opportunities in India start with Internship. If you are still pursuing your studies and want to land a job in digital marketing, try getting an Internship with a company. 

If you need help with intern opportunities, try at Internshala.

As an intern, you get a chance to gain hands-on experience with real-life digital marketing. 

2. Digital Marketer: This role is a broad name given for digital marketers. You may be content marketer in one company, but SEO specialist in another and an Ads specialist in still another. So, you carry a designation based on the digital marketing needs of your company. 

The role is mostly an entry-level. But the experience you gain in one part of digital marketing will be immensely helpful in the long run and adds another feather in your cap. 

Thus, you grow from strength to strength as a digital marketer. 

3. Digital Marketing Manager: As a manager, you know how to fix things such as how to devise strategies, how to pitch with a killer content, how to take advantage of tools, etc.

You are the captain of your company’s marketing ship. It definitely takes years long to nurture such a level of knowledge in the field.

4. Affiliate Marketer: Affiliate marketers are mostly freelancers with rich experience in one or two types of digital marketing. They create their branding through their website, social networks, training, podcasts, etc.

Likewise, you earn passive income by making people come to your site and by goods of others from there. All that happens over the years as you build a brand in a niche. 

You grow to be an influencer for affiliate marketing. 

That’s all about the nature and scope of digital marketing in India in 2020. 

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